Going on my 17th year in the web and graphics business I've picked up som essential skills, knowledge and experience. My base is in front-end web development with a big focus on usability and design. I also do a lot of web 2.0 work using data base integration built with an agile and pragmatic approach.

I currently work for and am part owner at Ampere Media in Stockholm/Gävle Sweden, but when time and interest permitts I also do freelance work. Covering everything in graphic design, web and print.

Please don’t hesitate to if my services could be of use to you and your projects. I'd love to hear from you!


Lingo: Ruby on Rails, HTML5, XHTML, Javascript and CSS. Design and animation: Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator. Web: Dreamweaver, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Wordpress, GitHub. Print: InDesign, Acrobat. Audio: Adobe Audition (for voice over work), Cubase (for music production). Craftiness: My hands.

Development resources.





Punkpoprock in the veins of all your favorite bands. Ambivalents is the working name for the band. Just can't decide. But the sure constant is it's forming into something really solid and good things are a-coming! Me on guitar, vocals and songwriting.


A collection of demos I've recorded througout the years. My little one woman show if you will. All tracks written, arranged, recorded and performed by yours truly. A wide range of skapunkpoprockish singer/songwriter-esque hooks and energy. Unpolished, rough, perfect, hopeful, sad,
happy and sweet all at once. Enjoy!

The Hand.

Alternative indie pop rock band in which I played guitar along with some major talents. Some kind
of dark pop rock with big sweeping guitars and explosive choruses. Energetic and heartfelt.
You can listen to two of the songs from it above!

The Ballroom Bettys.

Punkinfluenced rock-n-roll, with plenty of heart and soul! Me on guitar, vocals and songwriting. Currently on hiatus, but who knows one of these days we might pick it up again. Are you ready?


My vault of popular culture chestnuts. Music, books, film, television, places, inspiration, rants, things to do/see/hear and everything else.

Roller Derby.

Currently quad skating for The Royal Swedish Roller Derby!

RSRD Five Cornerstones:
Humanity (Feminism & Sisterhood), Respect, Individuality, Music & DIY Culture.

DJ, ease my mind.

I love mixtapes and playlists!

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